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7 Safety Tips For Those Who Love To Fish

Fishing and boating safety tipsSafety should be your top priority when going fishing. It sure is a relaxing and pleasurable activity but to fully enjoy the moment, you should also do what you can to stay out of harm’s way. This way you can do it over and over again with peace of mind and heart. So below are 7 tips you can do to keep safe before and when you’re in the water.

Let your family know

Before going fishing, let your family know when and where you plan to go. This will give them peace of mind too knowing where you are and what you’re doing.

Check the weather first before heading out

This is the wisest thing every good fisherman does before hitting the waters. Knowing the kind of weather you’ll face for that day will help you prepare tools and other equipment you might need. Or help you decide if it’s really a good time to fish or not or how far to go from shore.

Have safety devices on hand

Lifesaving devices like a flare gun and lifejacket should always be in your boat. Accidents can happen even on the most serene lakes and rivers and even on the quietest of days.

Drive safely

Boats fit for fishing like John boats often have motors that can help you go faster in the water. But make sure to drive your boat at just the right speed all the time to avoid losing control of it.

Have oars for backup

Oars are another tool you should consider having at all times even if your boat runs on motor so should your motor stops running, you still have a means to drive your boat and go back to land.

Bring your mobile phone

Even if you want to spend the day all by yourself and just enjoying the peaceful sound of nature around the river, it’s still a good idea to have your mobile phone handy so you have a means to communicate with your family, friends, or other people who can help you should you run into any trouble while fishing.

Put your insurance in place before using your boat

Boat insurance is a necessary yet affordable expense when you own a boat. It protects you from liability and helps you cover your own medical expenses and equipment repair or replacement. It adds to your peace of mind so get one before bringing your boat in the water.

If you’re planning on going fishing this weekend and still need to put boat insurance in place, contact us here at Stanton Insurance via phone or email, we’ll help you get the right one that fits your budget.

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