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Auto InsuranceWhat you need to know about auto insurance in Illinois

Illinois is one of the US states that follow the “fault” system when car accidents happen. This means that the driver who’s been proven to have caused the accident will pay for the medical expenses of the injured parties and the necessary car repairs.

So the minimum coverage the state requires is $15,000 for property damage liability and $20,000 for bodily injury liability. And all vehicle owners are required to bring their insurance cards and show it when requested by any police officer. Failure to have this can result to suspension of license plates and penalties.

Therefore, all cars owners are required to have insurance policies.

How to get the most affordable auto insurance

Since it’s a must in this state for you to have auto insurance, it would be wise to shop around and consider all available options. Some things that can help you to possibly get reasonable and affordable premium rates are:

Holding off buying a car. The type of car you have is one factor that determines your premium rate. You can request for quotes first from insurance providers or your local insurance agent before buying your car so you have a good estimate of how much you’ll have to pay for insurance.

Your age. Some insurance companies provide discounts to persons 55 years old and above so be sure to ask about this before sealing a deal with any company.

Fast and reliable customer service. Sometimes the way a company treats its customer inquiries and concerns is the best deal of all even if you’re paying high premiums. Because if you’re treated well and your claims are processed in a timely manner, it lessens your stress, especially if you just experienced a road mishap. So ask around to see how an insurance company deals with its customers before signing up with them.

It’s understandable why Illinois is one of the states that give much importance to car insurance. It simply protects both drivers, passengers, and all people on the road.

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