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Do I have to list all drivers on my insurance?

Your child has just turned sixteen years old and is demanding to get their driver’s license as soon as possible. You agree, and they pass with flying colors, proudly carrying their license home. But now you have to make a difficult decision, do you tell your insurance agency so they can rate your child on your insurance? The answer is yes! Your insurance agency should always be aware of all possible drivers for your car. In this blog, Stanton Insurance is going to explain why it’s so important that you have all drivers listed on your car insurance.

Key Takeaways:

It is important that all drivers be listed on your car insurance policy.

  • When you list all drivers, it makes sure that your insurance agency is able to provide you with the best policy possible. 
  • If you do not list all drivers, it can lead to backlash from the insurance company, including them not covering the accident, or them rejecting you as a client. 
  • There is an important difference in whether someone is listed or rated on your auto insurance policy.

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Why do all drivers have to be included in car insurance?

When insurance companies ask you to list all of your household members, they’re attempting to understand the degree of risk that they will be insuring. They need to be able to identify the amount of risk, so they are able to provide an accurate quote. If you do not list all drivers, then you are not giving your insurance company critical information. If these unlisted drivers get into an accident, the insurance company may decline coverage. You are then paying for the accident out of your own pocket. They may even revoke or cancel your insurance policy. It’s much better for you and your insurance agency for you to be truthful, so you can get the best possible policy for your car.

Who needs to be listed on your car insurance policy?

Most auto insurance companies will require that everyone living with you be listed on your auto insurance. The only people who may be exempt from this are children under the age of fourteen. That means people like your spouse, children with licenses, and other family members should be listed.  Other people you may not consider, but are just as important are roommates and live-in nannies. Any driver in your household that uses your car should be listed. Depending on each company, if other drivers who live in your household have their own insurance, they may not have to be rated on your policy, but they will need to be listed.

What does it mean when someone is rated on your car insurance? 

When a driver is rated on your car insurance it just means that they are affecting your car insurance rates. This is because they drive your car regularly. Luckily, this means that they are covered by your insurance policy when using that car. Remember that auto insurance follows the vehicle first and the driver second.

Why you should contact Stanton Insurance?

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