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The Three Most Important Things To Do When You Have To File a Car Insurance Claim

The scream of metal colliding, sirens blaring in the distance, and the seatbelt pressed sharply into your chest could be a scene from a nightmare, but it may also be a reality drivers face sometime in life. Added onto all of this, is the worry about the cost to salvage your car – what will your insurance cover? How do you make a claim? What do you do if you are not at fault? These are all stressful questions to consider during an already stressful situation – that’s why Stanton Insurance is here to help. We answer your questions, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that this situation is as stress-free as possible. Here are what drivers should do if they need to file an insurance claim.

how long car insurance claim take

Key Takeaways:

Here are three things Stanton Insurance wants you to do if you are in a car accident:

  1. Call the police. If no one needs medical attention proceed to number two. Cars and other property can be replaced, people can not. 
  2. Make sure to get the other parties information, name, address, phone number and insurance information. Take a photo of their insurance card.
  3. Contact your insurance agent with the details and police report to begin filing a claim.

What should you do at the scene of the accident?

The most important thing for every driver immediately following a car accident is to make sure all parties are safe.  Call the police and if you are unharmed and able, gather evidence of what has occurred including taking photographs. This includes photographs of the damage done to your car (and any other affected areas), road conditions, and any additional evidence that may have been factors in the accident. It is also vital to get documentation of the other driver. Ask to take a photo of the vehicle’s insurance card, get the name of the driver and a phone number. All of the evidence you’ve collected will make it easier to file a claim with your insurer, expediting and simplifying the process. Make sure to call your agent first, before you contact the company.

How to contact your insurer

Contact your agency as soon as you feel safe, and they’ll begin working on your claim right away. Remember to cover as much information as you can when explaining the accident with the documentation you collected. In addition, reviewing the details will help you remember the events more clearly, and it will provide evidence to support your story. From here, your insurance company will begin processing your claim. 

Why should you choose Stanton Insurance?

A car accident is a terrible thing, but filing your claim doesn’t have to be. Stanton Insurance will take the stress out of filing your claim. We are a fourth-generation insurance company, proud to support our community and provide the best service possible. So call us now and get a free car insurance quote!  Call Stanton Insurance at (309)734-2171.

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