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How To Properly File A Car Insurance Claim

Any damage to your vehicle can seem like a serious occasion. Whether it be a limb falling on it or an actual car accident, the odds are you’re going to have to file a claim to cover the damages. This situation can seem incredibly stressful but it doesn’t have to be. The process can become straightforward once a driver understands it. That’s why in this article, Stanton Insurance will explain the different steps to filing a car insurance claim. 

Key Takeaways: 

Drivers need to know the multi-step process it takes to successfully file a car insurance claim with their provider. 

  1. Document Damages: Drivers should document the damage done to their car by taking photographs and videos. 
  2. Contact Insurance Provider: Drivers should swiftly contact their insurance provider and be prepared to provide them with information about the incident. 
  3. Work with Insurance Adjuster: An insurance adjuster investigates the accident and determines how much money the driver will receive to cover the damages. 
  4. Review and Accept Settlement Offer: Once drivers receive their settlement offer from the insurance agency, they should review the information before accepting it.

Document The Damage 

One of the first steps that a driver should take after an accident or damage occurs is to take photographs of said damage. These photographs, or videos, should show all damage that has occurred. Additionally, the driver should get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses as well as the other driver if it was a car accident. Compiling all of this information will make it easier to provide the necessary information to the insurance agency when they begin to file their claim. 

Contact Insurance Provider 

The next step is for the driver to contact their insurance provider. The driver needs to accomplish this step as soon as possible, and they should be prepared to provide a wide variety of information. This information can include; 

  • Which vehicle on the policy was involved, 
  • Who was driving, 
  • Photographs of the accident, 
  • And a police report (if there is one). 

Work With the Insurance Adjuster 

After a driver contacts their insurance provider, they should expect to work with an insurance adjuster. This person will review the information you’ve provided and  investigate the accident. This is because the role of an insurance adjuster is to determine the amount of compensation a driver is entitled to under their policy.

Review And Accept Settlement Offer 

Once the insurance adjuster has made their decision, they will provide the driver with a settlement offer. A settlement offer is how much money the insurance agency will provide to cover the damages to the driver’s vehicle, just remember  that most automobile insurance policies are for actual cash value and not replacement cost. Actual Cash Value is replacement cost minus depreciation. Insurance companies will give you the value your vehicle is worth at the time of  loss, they will not replace it. It is the responsibility of the driver to look over this  information and determine if they find it satisfactory. Once they have done this,  the driver can accept the settlement and the insurance agency will provide the  approved amount of money.

This process can seem complicated and frustrating, but that’s why at Stanton Insurance we’re dedicated to working closely with all of our clients. We can offer step-by-step assistance as you file your car insurance claim. If you want an insurance provider that’s dedicated to providing the best care and attention, don’t hesitate to call us! Our number is (309)734-2171.