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Types of Car Insurance… What Is In My Insurance Policy?

While driving, everyone wants a safe and enjoyable journey. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, and drivers could potentially face accidents, severe weather, animal collisions, and many other issues. That’s why it’s important that drivers have the proper insurance, so they can financially protect themselves from these problems. 

Key Takeaways:

There are multiple different types of auto insurance that Illinois drivers should consider getting because of the protection that they offer. 

  1. Liability: Liability Insurance is required by Illinois law, and it covers you if you’re the at-fault driver in an accident. 
  2. Collision: This insurance sets in when you have a collision, most often with another car, but it can go into effect if you hit certain objects. 
  3. Comprehensive: Comprehensive Insurance protects you from non-collision events that are out of your control. 
  4. Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist: If you are in an accident, and the at-fault driver does not have the proper insurance, this will protect you from having to pay yourself.
  5. Medical Payment: This insurance will cover medical costs that are accident-related. 

In this article, Stanton Insurance is going to try and explain what car insurance is, and how they can best serve you. 


In Illinois, drivers are required to carry liability insurance by law. Liability insurance exists to cover you when you are at fault for an accident. Consequently, it may cover both property damage and injuries to others for which you have become legally liable. Liability insurance covers your current and future assets. 


Collision insurance is there to protect you if you get into a collision with another vehicle or an object other than an animal. Regardless of who is at fault for your car’s damage, this insurance will cover you. This means that you’re protected by collision insurance if:

  1. You are in a collision with another driver,
  2. A collision with an object like a fence or tree,
  3. Or some single-car accidents may also be covered.

Collision insurance covers you when you’re in a collision with another car or an object other than an animal.


Comprehensive insurance exists to protect you from non-collision events that you are unable to control. This can include vandalism, theft, fire, animal strikes, severe weather, tree limbs falling, and windshield and glass damage.  Comprehensive insurance acts as an add-on that you can place on your current policy. Comprehensive insurance can protect you from non-collision events that are completely out of your control. 

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist

In Illinois, uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance is required by law. An insurance policy like this protects you from drivers without the required level of coverage. If the at-fault driver does not have liability insurance or only carries the minimum, which is not enough to cover the accident, this coverage will protect you. This will cover the costs that the at-fault driver is unable to provide.  It can also cover you if a hit-and-run occurs, and there is no identifiable driver. Uninsured/Underinsured motorist insurance will protect you from at-fault drivers who are unable to pay for the damages that they committed against you. 

Medical Payments

Medical Payments insurance covers any medical expenses that may occur because of the accident. It can cover both your and your passenger’s medical expenses. It may even cover you if you were a pedestrian and a car hit you. Overall, medical payment insurance protects you from having to pay exuberant medical expenses after an accident. 

At Stanton Insurance, we will work with you to find the best car insurance policy for your needs. This is because we believe that every customer deserves to have the right coverage at the best price. We’ve been serving our community of Warren, Henderson, Knox, and their surrounding counties for generations. So don’t hesitate to call us and get a free quote now! Our number is (309) 734-2171.

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