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What happens when I’m in a car accident without insurance?

Your bills are piling up, and you have no idea how you’re going to pay it all off. Last month, you got into a car accident when you didn’t have insurance. Now, you’re being forced to pay to fix your car but also the other driver’s car repair costs as well as their medical expenses. It’s too much, and if you cannot pay you’re terrified that the other driver may sue you. This is the reality that you could be facing if you are an at-fault driver without car insurance. Here at Stanton Insurance,  we can get you the coverage you need.

Key takeaways: 

It is important that every driver has car insurance, if you do not have car insurance the legal and financial repercussions can escalate when you get into an accident. 

  1. Legal Repercussions: It is illegal in the state of Illinois to drive without auto insurance if you do you can face heavy fines and a license suspension. 
  2. Financial Repercussions: If you’re the at-fault driver, and you don’t have auto insurance you will become solely financially responsible for the accident.

What are the legal repercussions when I’m in an accident without insurance?

In Illinois, it is a state law that drivers carry liability insurance. If you do not have insurance, you are driving illegally, and this will have repercussions. The first time you are caught driving without insurance, it will be considered a petty offense. The consequences will include a three-month license suspension, a minimum fee of $500 (maximum fee of $1000), court costs, and a $100 reinstatement fee for your license. You may be required to obtain an SR22 filing with the State of Illinois, this is how they know that you have insurance. And if you were caught driving a vehicle that wasn’t insured and isn’t yours, you may still have to carry a named non owner policy SR22 filing for up to three years. Make sure if you borrow a vehicle that it is covered. If you continue to drive without insurance, the consequences will only grow more severe making it imperative to get car insurance to prevent these expensive repercussions. 

What if I’m the at-fault driver without insurance?

In the state of Illinois, an at-fault driver is the individual who caused the car accident to occur. That is why the state requires that you carry an insurance policy so you can cover the damages caused by you or someone driving your vehicle,  whether it be property damage or bodily injury. Remember you want to cover your assets in case you get sued, that is what a liability insurance policy does. If you do not have insurance, this means that you not only have to face the repercussions of being caught without it, but you are now solely financially responsible for any damages a judge or jury may award.

This financial responsibility can vary depending on the severity of the accident and the damages caused. If it is a serious accident the financial repercussions could be extremely high. This is because you would be responsible for any car repair costs and medical expenses. In extreme cases, you may even have to pay to replace the other person’s car if it was completely totaled. If you are unable to pay, it leaves you open to being sued by the other driver including possible garnishment where the money comes directly from your future paychecks. This is not a situation you want to be trapped in. 

How can Stanton Insurance help me?

Stanton Insurance was created to help people exactly like you! We’ve been supporting our community for four generations, and we understand that every case, claim, and person is unique. We work to provide insurance that suits each individual, and we won’t stop until you have the best insurance policy possible. Stanton Insurance is a local private insurance agency with multiple companies, so we’re able to provide you with the best insurance policy while walking you through the entire process. So call us now to get a free car insurance quote! The number is (309)734-2171.