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Farm & Crop Insurance

When Your Livelihood is Your Lifestyle

Farm & Crop Insurance from Stanton Insurance Agency

It’s so much more than a job, and for family farms, it’s more than a livelihood: it’s a way of life. It’s your home, your workplace, the real-world classroom that taught you and generations before you the value of hard work. It deserves to be honored and preserved. Stanton Insurance Agency understands the importance of protecting farms…and we’ve been partnering with farmers since 1919 to provide that protection.

Coverage You Can Count On

Stanton Insurance Agency works with you to protect your investment and your livelihood against unpredictable devastations that could cost you everything you’ve tirelessly world to grow. We have a rich history of helping Illinois farmers choose the right farm insurance policy for their needs. The products we offer are constructed to protect your farm by covering the major risks that threaten your farm every day. Whether it’s property protection or multiple types of liability coverage, Stanton Insurance Agency brings comprehensive protection, delivered with personal service that farmers and their families need.

From sheds to equipment shelters, barns to animals and crops, your farm is home to a wide variety of assets; all working together to maintain the success of your farm. Stanton Insurance Agency offers a wide variety of policies that deliver the comprehensive coverage that protects these valuable assets. There are many types of policies, and farm insurance doesn’t include every risk…but there is coverage that protects you against all losses, and your Stanton Insurance Agent will help you make the right choices.

Options from an Independent Agency

When it comes to addressing the risks faced by today’s farmers, it takes an Independent Agency to deliver protection that’s tailored to meet specific needs. No single insurance carrier can serve every type of farm. That’s why Stanton Insurance is proud to be an Independent Insurance Agency. We can compare a wide variety of options to ensure you have the exact coverage necessary to keep your farm safe. By searching through our network of insurance providers, we avoid policies that only provide a portion of the coverage you need or more coverage than you need to pay for. The right amount of coverage for the right price, with the kind of personal service that lets you know you’re appreciated. That’s what you can expect from Stanton Insurance Agency.

Insurance for YOUR Farm

It starts with a basic policy that provides foundational coverages every farm needs. These include:

  • Property Coverage

This coverage pays for repairs or replacement of your equipment, infrastructure, and other possessions that you use in farming in the event they’re damaged due to natural disasters or fire.

  • Additional Living Expenses

Should your property become uninhabitable due to a covered loss, this coverage pays for temporary housing and other expenses you incur due to being displaced until you can return to your farm.

  • General Farm Liability
    In the event someone is injured or their property is damaged and you and/or your employee is found at fault, this coverage pays for the medical expenses and/or repairs to physical property. There are a variety of types of liability coverage that fall under this category, including premises liability, operations liability, pollution liability, and product liability. Also, your Stanton Insurance Agent can explain the benefits of a liability insurance umbrella, which provides liability coverage that extends beyond the limits of your basic policy.

In addition to these basic coverages,  Stanton Insurance Agency can provide for ALL your farm and crop insurance needs, including:

  • Crop Insurance – provides additional funds should your seasonal crops get damaged by unforeseen disasters.
  • Agri-tourism Insurance – provides liability protection if you hold tours and/or other public events on your farm
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Required by the state of Illinois if you hire workers, this protects your employees.

Protect your livelihood with farm & crop insurance from Stanton Insurance Agency.